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To share what I am learning about entrepreneurship through my YouTube videos and the resources on this website.

Kenya aka 40

My Drive: Entrepreneurship

en·tre·pre·neur·ship:ˌäntrəprəˈnərˌSHip/, noun: the activity of setting up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.

Hello, I'm Kenya. After 20 years of making a living as a factory worker, it has been my goal to leave the blue collar workforce and work for myself.

I teach myself as much as I can about business and entrepreneurship and share it with my viewers on YouTube and here on this website.

My YouTube channel where you can find my business vlog and other helpful videos is 40 Entrepreneur Drive. If that's a mouthful, you can call me 40!

A world of  *Preneurs

What is a *preneur?

There are many types of entrepreneurs in today's business world. 

I explored the unique usages of business labels in the article "What is a *Preneur?" which can be read hereon this website's blog. 

Doing research for that article taught me:
  • there are many, many types of unique entrepreneurs. 
  • you can be more than one type of entrepreneur; 
  • the kind of *preneur you are can change over time 
  • different *preneurs have different needs, business models, audiences, and may serve their communities differently.
Below you will find an alphabetical list of *preneurs that I have compiled. I hope that you find it insightful and valuable for your quest into entrepreneurship. Come back often to check the growth of this dynamic list.

Agripreneur, (plural agripreneurs). An agricultural entrepreneur
. Traditionally know as a farmer. Learn More.
Artpreneur, (plural artpreneurs) An artist who is an entrepreneur.
 Many art forms fall into this category: wardobe and makeup, graphic and digital art, as well as the traditional painting, drawing, glasswork, sculpture, and other mediums. Learn More.
Beautypreneur (™),  is one who organizes, operates, and/or owns a business that focuses its efforts on beauty products, cosmetics, and fashion. Many social media influencers fall into this category. Learn More.

Blackpreneur, one who's business structure is built around the development of and financial supporter of the entrepreneurial growth and empowerment of the historically economically disadvantaged black community. Learn More.

Coffeepreneur, ® serious connoisseurs of and proprietors of coffee shops and cafes. Businesses that revolve around the cultivation of premium coffee and cafe culture. Learn More.

Cryptopreneur, In other words, a cryptopreneur (i.e. crypto- preneurship), is an individual who rather than work as an entrepreneur, invests in different digital assets with a unique crypto investment strategy, assuming all the risks and rewards of the entire risky venture. Learn More.
Epreneur. Entrepreneurship whereas the 'e' stands for enlightenment. It is a business model that strives to balance spiritual enrichment alongside, not instead of financial gains. Learn More
E-preneur. Definition: E-preneurs are entrepreneurs who have businesses based entirely online
. E-commerce centered business. Learn More.
Foodpreneur, are industrious individuals who create their own business opportunities in the service industry sector, particularly within the food segment. ... Any type of business venture that involves food can fall within this wide, innovative category. Often, it involves producing a product in one's own home kitchen. Learn More.

Gamepreneur, Profiting from the sport of gaming or game development. Games and gamification is dominating not only the entertainment industry, but can be seen in fields of education, training, fitness and healthcare. Learn More.

Globalpreneur, The term Globalpreneurship is used for the first time to define the process of intrapreneurship within large multi-national companies
. Learn More.
Greenpreneur, green/eco solution-driven enterprises
. Enterprises developed to support and protect the environment. Learn More.
Greenpreneur (ganjapreneur), entrepreurship concerning the agriculture and distribution of legalized cannabis and cannabis-derived products. Learn More
Hairpreneur, similar to beautypreneur with an emphasis on providing premium wigs, hair extensions, and products.
 Learn More.
Homepreneur, homepreneur (plural homepreneurs). A business entrepreneur who operates from his or her home.
 Appears to be a term mostly used in the UK. Seemingly identical to the concept of the home-based business, work from home, WAH (work at home). Learn More.
Ideapreneur (n) A person that comes up with original ideas to deliver business or social value, and then realizes the value of those ideas. A person that comes up with new or novel ideas that evoke change, disrupt the status-quo, or impact an industry in ways that have not been done before. Learn More.

Infopreneur, some who sells I formation, lists, sources, access, cumulative knowledge
. Learn More.
Intrapraneur,  a manager within a company who promotes innovative product development and marketing . Learn More.
, children who develop ideas for services or products and who run their business independently or with some help from parent. Learn More.

Landpreneur, one who builds business around being a land and property opportunist. Specifically unwanted land(?).This term appears to have a very small usage. Currently seen at sites specific to the UK;Nigeria, Africa; and Texas, USA. Learn More.
Micropreneur, A micropreneur or microbusiness is one that operates on a very small scale, or one with no more than five employees

Mompreneur, mothers who strive to balance being an at-home parent alongside running an at-home business
. Learn More
Multipreneur, entrepreneurs who have multiple businesses or business projects going at once
. Learn More.
Pastorpreneur, (plural pastorpreneurs). An entrepreneur who sets up churches as a business venture. 
 Learn More.
Peoplepreneur , exact definition unknown, however has been used on some websites, usually used as a self-described label. Alludes to one who's business services revolve around helping people; heavily leans on emotional intelligence. Learn More

Socialpreneur, Socialpreneurs are folks who pay attention to the world around them. They recognize a need in their community or in society as a whole and then seek out ways to feed this need while still being able to turn a profit. Learn More.

Solopreneur, someone who runs a business without any type of partnership or outsourced help
. Learn More
STEMpreneur, business built around the industries of science, technology, and mathematics. Learn More.

Technopreneur, technopreneur or techpreneur is an entrepreneur who gets a technology idea and finds an opportunity to make it a commercial reality. Alternatively, a technopreneur can also be a techie idea-owner who ventures to make his idea a commercial reality. Learn More

Webpreneur, (plural webpreneurs) An entrepreneur whose venture relates to the World Wide Web.
 Learn More.
Wellpreneur, someone who is passionate about spreading health and wellness through the world
. Learn More.
Worldpreneur, one who loves to travel for work and pleasure a d builds their business around it(digital nomads)
. Learn More.
YouTubepreneur, someone who entertains, informs, advocates, educates, or hosts content on the YouTube platform. Learn More. 

Note: I wanted to separate this particular *preneur for obvious reasons. Its a trap many fall prey to, or may not realize or want to admit to.

 Its the dreaded wantpreneur, sometimes referred to as the wannapreneur. This is someone who dreams or talks about the desire to work for themselves without doing much or anything at all to accomplish it.

 Learn More.


Start 'Em Young!

Speaking of faith and business, many parents who homeschool do it for the former reason.

In these uncertain times many people are becoming more and more interested in working for themselves and want to instill those top two values into their children.

If you are one of those parents, let me share with you a program that not only is faith-based for your homeschooling needs, but incorporates a curriculum of Entrepreneurship for you children.

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My Other Work

A documentation of my first year as a Youtuber.
 *Stay tuned for sneak peeks!

Exploring the history, cultures, and spiritual significance of the covered head. 
*Content updated regularly 

Bible study tools and other faith based resources. 
*Content updated weekly 

Improve This Site 

Did I mention I was a Christian?

It has taken me a while to feel comfortable presenting this part of me because I felt that it "wasn't professional", would "put people off", or somehow take away from the business aspect of who I am.

I've come to accept that some people may believe this to be true, but its something I need/want to do. Besides, in this business world of niches its just an accepted fact that you can't please everyone by trying to be "universal", so its better to just stick with what you do best. 

I am a Christian. I  believe in God. And not just some vague idea of a god, but the the one and only God that I believe created humanity and the universe(evolution is a theory y'all NOT a fact). 
I believe He came to earth in human form as Jesus Christ, allowed Himself to die at our hands for our sins, and came back to live with all power and glory for our benefit. 
I believe that I, along with the rest of humanity, was born in sin and all have the gift of salvation as our opportunity as long as we believe in and decide to accept and live for Christ. I believe. I accept Him. I invite you do do the same. No pressure. I actually suggest you read the Bible first if you need to. I read mine daily and I've got a website to help you if you're interested in starting. Learn More Here.

What does this have to do with business? Well I'm glad you asked! There are 3 main reasons I put this spiritual declaration on my page:
  1. To identify who I am, what I believe, and to let you know what to expect from me
  2. To show that Christianity and prosperity DO go together
  3. To connect with other Believers who are business-minded and are looking for inspiring ways to bless their business while being a blessing to others, and simultaneously honoring The Lord, Jesus Christ.
Allow me to pontificate just a bit more in this blog article where I will share some literature that supports both a strong spiritual life as well as a strong financial foundation. Its called Bible Based Business.