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To share what I am learning about entrepreneurship through my YouTube videos and the resources on this website.

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My Drive: Entrepreneurship

en·tre·pre·neur·ship:ˌäntrəprəˈnərˌSHip/, noun: the activity of setting up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.
Hello, I'm Kenya, a factory worker of 20+ years. I am a long time factory worker with a dream to leave the blue collar life and own my own business.
I share what I learn on this website and my YouTube channel: Fort Worth Entrepreneur. (formerly known as 40 Entrepreneur Drive)

A world of  *Preneurs

What is a *preneur?

Research for this site's blog article "What is a *Preneur?" has taught me that:
  • there are many, many types of unique entrepreneurs. 
  • you can be more than one type of entrepreneur; 
  • the kind of *preneur you are may change over time 
  • different *preneurs have different needs, business models, audiences, and may serve their communities differently.
Below you will find an alphabetical list of *preneurs that I have compiled. I hope that you find it insightful and valuable for your quest into entrepreneurship. Come back often to check the growth of this dynamic list.
*(fill in your favorite business-related descriptor whenever you see a '*' in front of the suffix '-preneur'.


Did I mention I was a Christian? I used to think it wasn't "professional" to proclaim my spiritual beliefs alongside my business philosophy. Thank goodness I got over that. I am a businesswoman and a Believer. If you want to know more about that, then keep reading.

I am a Christian. I believe in God. And not just some vague idea of a god, but the one and only God that created humanity and the universe (evolution is a theory y'all, NOT a fact). 
I believe that God came to earth in human form as the messiah Jesus Christ, allowing Himself to die at our hands for our sins, and that He came back to life with all power and glory for our benefit. 

I believe that I, along with the rest of humanity, was born in sin and all have the gift of salvation as our opportunity as long as we believe in and decide to accept and live for Christ. I believe. I accept Him. I invite you do the same. No pressure. I actually suggest you read the Bible first if you need to. I read mine daily and I've got a website to help you if you're interested in starting. Learn More Here.

What does this have to do with business? Well, I'm glad you asked! There are 3 main reasons I put this spiritual declaration on my page:
  1. To identify who I am, what I believe, and to let you know what to expect from me
  2. To show that Christianity and prosperity can go together
  3. To connect with other Believers who are business-minded and are looking for inspiring ways to bless their business while being a blessing to others, and simultaneously honoring The Lord, Jesus Christ.
Allow me to pontificate just a bit more in this blog article where I will share some literature that supports both a strong spiritual life as well as a strong financial foundation. It's called Bible Based Business
*A Kingdom-preneur is a businessman or woman who's personal and business philosophies align with and work towards the glorification of God/Jesus/Holy Spirit.

Start 'Em Young!

Speaking of faith and business, many parents who homeschool do it for the former reason.

In these uncertain times many people are becoming more and more interested in working for themselves and want to instill those top two values into their children.

If you are one of those parents, let me share with you a program that not only is faith-based for your homeschooling needs, but incorporates a curriculum of Entrepreneurship for you children.

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