Bible Based Entrepreneurship: Biblical Business Practices

I grew up thinking that rich people were inherently bad (you know the type: Scrooge McDuck, Ebenezer Scrooge, and various shady villain-types from movies and tv shows.)

I also grew up thinking that to be pious and poor somehow made one closer to God (without all the evils and temptations that money could afford)

Somewhere along the way, I heard of the "prosperity gospel" which seemed like a positive spin on money and religion, but still didn't' sit quite right with me.

I am a firm believer that God wants us to focus on Him for our needs and not worship false gods (money idolatry), but I also believe that the Lord helps those that help themselves (not sure if that is an actual scripture, but I do know the one about "faith without works being dead" IS from the Holy Word.[James  2:17]

So when it comes to business, how exactly does one balance out the effort to be spiritually sound and righteous, with being financially free and prosperous in one's profits?

I did a series called Biblical Business on my channel in which I was reading scripture once a week that rooted itself in trusting in God's plans for us, God wanting us to plan what we want and finish it to completion, and to be patient in our business goals. Recently, I also read Psalms 31 as an addition to the Biblical Business series for 2020.

That particular scripture has quite a bit of entrepreneurial characteristics concerning productivity, thrift, preparedness, resourcefulness, and the importance of investing for the future.

I've also had the opportunity to come across a few pieces of literature that support both entrepreneurship with integrity as well as scripture.

With great power comes great responsibility. 
-Uncle Ben,The Amazing Spiderman 

With great wealth comes great possibility. 
-Kenya | 40 Entrepreneur Drive